Established in 1976, Food Sciences Corporation remains committed to researching, designing and manufacturing functional nutrition products and developing comprehensive programs to combat the disease of obesity and its related chronic conditions. We integrate science and research with market vision to help companies deliver nutritional products to their consumers. Our team of food scientists, nutritionists and behaviorists is on the leading edge of innovation. We conduct reviews of the most sophisticated nutritional research to ensure that our products are based upon proven, scientifically backed findings.

Over the years, we have expanded the markets we serve and our product lines to include specialized medical/health conditions, wellness and fitness. Food Sciences has developed customized products for the following areas:

● Obesity Treatment
● Pre/Post Bariatric Surgery
● Chronic Illness
● General Health and Wellness
● Women’s Health
● General Fitness
● Physical Rehabilitation

Serving both domestic and international clients, Robard Corporation, a principal division of Food Sciences based in the United States, provides physicians, large medical groups, hospital systems and clinics with obesity treatment programs, state of the art nutrition products and business management services to deliver high-quality, life-changing care to their overweight or obese patients.

Medical guidance while facilitating an obesity treatment program is vital to its success. To that end, Robard Corporation employs a highly respected Medical Advisory Panel comprised of highly trained experts in the field of obesity treatment. In addition to continually enhancing our obesity treatment protocols, they consult with Robard customers to aid them in successful patient management and treatment.