Contract Manufacturing

Food Sciences Corporation is a full service contract / private label manufacturer. For nearly 40 years, we have been dedicated to quality and value, offering solutions and reliable delivery dates to clients both national and regional, including companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We guarantee excellence and integrity as evidenced in both the products we produce and the trusted relationships we maintain.

Food Sciences is dedicated to exceeding the quality you expect. Our skilled and experienced staff is highly qualified to provide the individualized services clients need, helping to create and produce products and programs to the exacting standards they require. We offer a complete bundle of services for large runs to cover everything from initial formulation through final packaging:

Conceptualize innovative products
Research and development
Raw material sourcing
● Nutritional analysis and regulatory advice
● Product and display design
● Packaging

Contract Packaging

Food Sciences Manufacturing boasts nearly 40 years of experience in mixing, blending and packaging products. Our skilled labor and attention to detail are attributes that define Food Sciences and free you to focus on branding, selling, and other aspects of your business. We stay current with changing federal regulations and labeling considerations, monitor raw materials availability, and improve and streamline processes to facilitate your product’s path to market. And our Quality Control team monitors every step of the process to ensure you receive the highest quality product:

● Multiple size V blending capabilities for dry blending compositions
● Bartelt and HMC Horizontal form fill and seal machines
● Packaging capabilities of dry powder and multi-component, utilizing up to three different types of ingredients volumetrically
● Various styles of volumetric filling
● Vertical Fill – sizes from grams to kilograms
● High Volume runs

Concept and Product Development

Food Sciences Corporation offers full service manufacturing, providing custom formulating, testing, blending, and packaging of a large variety of food and nutritional products. Our highly educated and experienced food scientists work with you to formulate proprietary products for your marketplace. Each product is created especially to meet your functional and taste needs. Products include reconstituted powders and meals, cereals, snacks and protein-fortified extruded nutritional bars, all of which offer consumers the highest level of taste.

Our turnkey services utilize our in-house capabilities:

● Research and development laboratories
● Food scientists work with each customer individually to develop unique formulations
● Packaging and design
● Cutting edge products
● Regulatory associates who work closely with leading FDA and
FTC counsel
● Strong relationships with top ingredient manufacturers and suppliers

Quality Control/Research and Development

The most important aspect of everything we do is quality control. Every product batch from our production facilities undergoes the highest form of quality oversight. Our Quality Control team continually audits procedures and equipment on the plant floor, providing supervision in the manufacturing of all products, keeping full documentation of all quality checks.

Food Sciences Corporation has great expertise in formulating to exacting nutritional demands, combining exceptional nutritional characteristics with high consumer acceptance for taste, texture and shelf life. We are also able to create products that control carbohydrate and fat levels while maintaining micronutrient or nutraceutical fortification.

● Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified
● Adheres to all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
● FDA regulated facility
● HACCP, GMP and relevant process control management programs
● Maintain documented weight checks
● Adhere to comprehensive microbiology testing
● Conduct regular self-audits
● Provide Employee GMP and SQF training

For more information on our food safety and quality policies, click here.